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Here’s some cat pictures for you

Posted (4 years ago)

(If it isn’t obvious, many of the images have captions. Try clicking on one!)

Anyway, this means Publ is now ready for me to start migrating my site over to it. Eep/yay!

Oh, and if you want to see what the Markdown for the gallery looks like, here you go:

[{240,240,resize=“fill”,countoffset=7,divclass=“gallery”,moretext=“There are {remain} more cat pictures!”,moreclass=“caption”}](
IMG_20130701_223914.jpg "Why are there cat photos here?"
|DSC00124.jpg "Well, I thought this would be a cute way to demonstrate..."
|DSC00125.jpg "Image galleries!"
|DSC01272 - Version 2.jpg{fill_crop_x=.33}
|DSC07661.jpg "In particular, image galleries support a few neat things."
|DSC07672.jpg "For example, the blog and feed templates will only show a few images."
|DSC07935.jpg "And those images will link to the entry itself."
|DSC08896.jpg "But then when you click through, the whole gallery appears!"
|DSC09705.jpg "And we use Lightbox.js to present them nicely."
|IMG_0072.jpg "This is how I feel too."

The {240,240,resize="fill",count_offset=7} in the alt text means “make thumbnails 240x240, and in a view with a limit, skip the first 7 entries” (this is how DSC01272 - Version 2.jpg is used as the poster frame on the index and feed), and each image is separated by a |. Oh, and spaces are allowed in filenames, and newlines are allowed in the image specification.

Also, the {fill_crop_x=.33} parameter on DSC01272 - Version 2.jpg shifts the crop rectangle a little bit so that Fiona is nicely centered in the thumbnail square. :)

Another thing to note: these files (including the .md file) are all stored in a directory called /blog/catpics, but the entry has a Category: blog on it to make it appear as if it’s in the blog category. Image file lookups are relative to the markdown file, not to the URL, so I can move this directory anywhere on the site and it will continue to work.