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v0.4.0 released! Let’s talk future!

Posted (4 years ago)

Oh wow, I finally closed out the Publ 0.4.0 milestone. So, wow, this is a pretty big deal for me.

Changes since 0.3.23:

So that closes out the last three issues before I was ready to consider this usable by a wider audience. Neat.

There’s a lot of stuff I want to do for 1.0 of course, but also more importantly I need to vastly improve the documentation on this site, as well as collect things to make it easier for people to get started with Publ. I would absolutely invite people to make suggestions; have you looked into Publ, and been confused about what exactly to do? Please let me know!

The best ways to do so are to either hop onto my Discord channel or to open issues against the documentation site.

Also, Publ itself is built to be a tool, and not a complete standalone thing. I will absolutely talk your ear off about how I think a more user-friendly publishing frontend could be built, as well as easier ways of actually installing/deploying this places.

One of the things I am considering doing is running some minimal Publ-oriented hosting for folks, where I’d set up a private git repository and a minimal site and make it hopefully easier for people to actually do their thing, and maybe charge a marginal amount for it (say, $X/month for X GB of storage, and include SSL and basic site assistance and whatever). If you’d be interested in that sort of thing, again, please let me know!