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Well, that was embarrassing…

Posted (3 years ago)

So, note to self: library version pinning is a good idea. I should also learn how to properly manage my library version dependencies.

Thanks to @therealtakeshi for bringing this to my attention!

The short version of what brought this site down was that, as far as I can tell, Flask-Cache pushed out an update that finally removed a deprecated namespace. Unfortunately, that namespace was still in use by Flask-Cache itself. So, presumably this means that any Flask app that’s using an unpinned version of Flask-Cache is going to break as soon as they update their dependencies. Oops.

Word on the street is that Flask-Cache is basically abandoned anyway so for now I’ve switched to flask_caching.

Oh and investigating this I realized the caching config wasn’t actually being applied anyway, so caching was disabled. Whoops. Anyway I’ve fixed that (which will be part of the next version, likely 0.1.8).