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Publ v0.5.10 released

Posted (4 years ago)

Publ v0.5.10 is now available. The following has changed since v0.5.9:

  • Image sets will generate fullsize renditions (and their links) for images which were skipped, so they will still appear in the lightbox
  • Footnotes now get rolled up into the entry.more (with some caveats), and also get stable permalinks for their references1
  • You can now annotate an HTML attribute with $ to force it to resolve as an asset (useful for certain JavaScript libraries); see the relevant documentation

I’ve also made a bunch of changes to the sample templates.

Although in posting this entry I found a bug2 in the footnote rollup thing where now footnotes only appear at all if there’s more-text.

  1. So now you can safely use footnotes in intro text. 

  2. Oops.