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v0.1.19: creeping ever closer to beta status

Posted (4 years ago)

The amount of stuff I’m having to fix in Publ to support is diminishing rapidly! Here’s what’s happened since 0.1.18:

  • Improved the Path-Alias redirection logic; now it will do a 301 Permanently Moved for inbound Path-Aliased requests, and if a Path-Alias points to an entry with a Redirect-To it will redirect directly to that URL instead (and it will be a 302, same as the old Redirect-To behavior)
  • Pagination can now be weekly; you can use entry.archive(paging='week'), and a ?date= view parameter ending in _w will provide a weekly view instead.
  • Better default formatting for view.range, and an addition of a week format parameter there

What’s left to do before I’m happy releasing this as beta?

Release blockers


Already done

A change I made right after cutting v0.1.19 was to restore the index scan at startup, but only when running in production (since the deferred scan was to fix a bug that only manifests in debug mode).