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Updates since the previous post

Posted (2 years ago)

Well, I’ve been pretty busy working away on Publ. Right now I’m just focusing on the stuff necessary to make for an okay blog, with more content types to come later. Fortunately everything stacks on top of everything else!

Here’s some highlights of what I’ve done so far.

  • Opened a bunch of issues for things to do
  • Fleshed out the template API
  • Added newest-first sorting and entry limits to the View API
  • Beautified some of the page templates and stylesheets
  • Fixed some annoying bugs around entry editing and deletion (including a nasty race condition in the content indexer!)
  • Improved the Atom template
    • now it validates!
    • also it uses a <![[CDATA]]> block for the entry itself, which makes everything get escaped properly
  • Fixed the site content-types to show the correct ones (including UTF-8 for HTML output)
  • Lots and lots of documentation cleanup
  • Also made Entry-Type way more general and useful, and actually implemented it into views
  • Oh yeah and entry.previous work now. Yay, this is almost a complete blogging system now!