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Publ 0.6.9

Posted (a year ago)

Publ 0.6.9 is out and has the following changes:

  • Removed the vestigial attempt at supporting AutoAuth
  • Path-alias now works for all URL paths, and not just ones which happened to match Publ’s routing rules
  • Fixed a bug in formatted code blocks that was generating extra newlines per line
  • Added user bearer token generation to the public API
  • Changing a user’s permissions now correctly invalidates their rendition cache

Important: In the incredibly unlikely event you were using the token_endpoint function, that has been removed, along with the token endpoint itself.

This actually mostly completes the work I had in mind for v0.7.0, but there’s still a notable lack of automated unit testing.

Also, this website really needs to be properly redone; Publ is at a point where this ad-hoc infodump doesn’t properly represent what Publ is capable of. I have some ideas in mind, but currently not enough time to implement those ideas. Hopefully that will be changing soon.